Corporate IT

It is LIME’s conviction that a sharp approach to digital aspects of the functioning and activities of companies has become essential in order to offer the level of quality of services in corporate and financial law that we wish to provide to our clients.

  1. At the crossroads between corporate and digital

At the crossroads between corporate and digital


Any structuration of a business activity needs now to take into account the IT specificities of the enterprises concerned and the opportunities they offer.


LIME has over the years developed this approach both for tech companies as well as those operating in more traditional sectors that integrate digital technology into their strategy and daily operations.

LIME’s experience stems from its practice in corporate and finance law in M&A, venture capital, start-ups and scale-ups, including tech ones, with aspects of platforms structuring, protection of innovation, and know-how, IT contracts, governance, etc.

LIME can thereby handle all these aspects of the business in a global and seamless way.

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