Emerging and High Growth Companies

Emerging and high growth companies have been flourishing all over the world for the past decades, and the Belgian ecosystem makes no exception: new ventures are launched or scaled up every day.

As any venture, and maybe even more so, emerging and high growth companies are incredibly demanding, and come with many challenges, be they financial, entrepreneurial, or legal.

LIME is passionate about giving legal advice to this sector and has the experience in order to ensure efficient support to our clients.

  1. Start-up vision

Start-up vision


At LIME, we understand the particular needs and constraints of the founders and the concerned ventures, but at the same time the necessity to secure their legal position, in terms of incorporation of companies, equity structures, investors relationships, intellectual property and many other issues vital to their success, that have to be handled from the start.

We provide tailor-made and top-quality legal advices and services and ensure experienced legal drafting techniques, in order to negotiate and implement the needs and wishes of emerging and high growth companies into legal documentation. But beyond that, we adapt to the functioning of the emerging companies, and adopt the agile mentality in rendering our legal services to these particular types of ventures and help them with discussing strategic visions as well as creating a balance between the interests of the founders and those of the investors.

It also goes without saying that we are aware of the complexity of the financial situation in which emerging companies and high growth companies may find themselves at certain stages of their development, which we take into account in terms of the financial conditions of our intervention.


Our team accompanies emerging companies and high growth companies with all their legal matters, at every stage of their existence, from their creation through their financing rounds until the exit or IPO.

LIME’s team advises both emerging companies and investors on:

  • governance issues
  • choosing and implementing the best structuring for their activities, including with external investors (carve-outs, transformations, etc.)
  • the entry of external investors, be it FFF’s, seed capital, or institutional and professional private equity investors
  • drafting of shareholders’ agreement between founders and investors, including ratchet, good-leave /bad-leaver, claims, etc.)
  • incentive schemes
  • corporate structuring
  • mergers & acquisitions, including drafting of earn-outs and/or structuring acquisition remunerated in shares
  • negotiating their providers’ and commercial contracts, etc.
  • regulatory issues

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