We provide a clear insight into complex corporate and finance matters.

  1. Who we are
  2. Understanding of our clients’ concerns
  3. Our values
  4. Resources
  5. Our network
  6. Fees

Who we are

LIME is a Belgium-based boutique law firm that focuses on corporate and financial law, including funds and corporate real estate, and with a Corporate IT practice developed in connection with expertise and technological value creation.

LIME was founded in January 2018 by Thierry Tilquin, Julie-Anne Delcorde and Thérèse Loffet, who have been working as a team for more than a decade in a top-tier firm, before deciding to create their own firm. Over the years, we have acquired a reputation of providing in-depth and first-rate work, which allowed us to build a long-standing relationship and gain the trust of major clients. Our team is recognized as highly knowledgeable, due both to its large and high-level experience in the practical field, as well as to its academic work.

We are driven by the desire of providing outstanding legal services, offering nothing but the best level of quality and professionalism of the work and processes, while also focusing on the quality of relationships with our clients and maintaining a cost-sensitive approach.

We favor a flexible and entrepreneurial spirit, and have the ability to quickly adopt new ways of working and innovations. We stay at the top of digital technologies and are fully aware of the major operational and organizational evolutions in this respect.

Last but not least, our team is accessible and friendly, truly listens to clients’ vision, objectives and needs, and is always available to provide straightforward and clear-cut advise and assistance.

Understanding of our clients’ concerns

We are fully aware of, and perfectly understand that our clients' issues and concerns are never merely legal.

We think that the collaboration our clients' team is essential, and we adapt to their project management.

Our team is used to have some of its members be seconded to our clients’ team(s) for determined periods of time in order to facilitate the flow of information and the better understanding of our clients’ concerns.

Our values

Our values are at the core of LIME:

  • a quality communication, both with our clients and between ourselves;
  • a creative spirit, in legal matters but also as a permanent state of mind;
  • an approach that is innovative, adaptative, flexible;
  • always operating in our clients’ best interests, honouring our commitments to all of them and acting with an unyielding integrity;
  • while always remembering, in everything we do, the importance of the “human contact”.


We always seek to use the best resources and tools to find effective solutions for our clients’ businesses.

Our team can rely on a thorough knowledge management system and on an extensive library and reference system.

Our network

Our core competences are corporate, corporate real estate and finance, including mergers and acquisitions, funds structuring, public entities and start-ups.

These competences are supplemented by the top quality network that we have created over the years, allowing us to offer coordinated advice in all key areas of business law, and address all of our clients’ needs in this respect:

  • Belgian lawyers specialized in fields relevant for our clients’ businesses, allowing us to supplement, when needed, the direct competences of our team for an efficient performance of our mission;
  • foreign contact law firms and lawyers, with whom our team is used to work closely.


LIME’s fees are usually based on an hourly rate, the amount of which depends on the seniority of the attorney delivering the work. In certain matters, we may, in agreement with our clients, apply a flat fee per project, or a daily, weekly, and monthly rate for regular work; in any event, this is of course discussed and agreed between the client and the attorney before, or shortly after in case of emergency, the beginning of the work.

We strongly insist on openness on fees, understand our clients’ financial and business constraints and legitimate need for predictability, and we always aim at finding the right solution for both clients and attorneys in this respect.