Here is an overview of what we have been up to lately.


26 April 2024

LIME is once again hosting an exhibition organised by [Senne] until 5 May 2024, which is on the OFF circuit of Art Brussels | 25 - 28 April 2024 | Brussels Expo: Digital Portraiture: Empathy In Virtual Worlds (curator: WORK | bobbicknell-knight). The exhibition features artists exploring empathy within virtual worlds, using a variety of different techniques to seek out emotional moments within digital spaces.

19 March 2024

LIME assists Ush with the implementation and development of a partnership between Ush and Vay for the deployment of remote-controlled vehicles in Belgium.

18 March 2024

Hervé Jacquemin is taking part in the 4th edition of the Congo Digital Forum, from 20 to 22 March 2024 in Pointe-Noire, sharing his experience of AI regulation in the European Union.

01 February 2024

Thérèse Loffet sets out various financial aspects of the cooperative company structure at the conference "Les coopératives d'habitants : un outil juridique innovant pour l'accès à un logement abordable", co-organised in Brussels by UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles, SAWB, Febecoop, Habitat et Participation and Larcier Intersentia.

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19 January 2024

Maïka Bernaerts receives the Jean-Jacques Boels Prize 2023 for her contribution "Dissolution et liquidation des sociétés dotées de la personnalité morale - Principes généraux" in the book "Dissolution et liquidation des sociétés, droit des sociétés et aspects de droit civil, de droit comptable et de droit fiscal" (Anthemis). This prestigious prize is awarded to a ULB-qualified lawyer under the age of 35 for writing an outstanding article in private law.

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25 April 2023

LIME is once again hosting an exhibition organised by [Senne]. This year's exhibition "Another Perspective", curated by Dominique Moulon, will present various works and projections by artists inspired by the digital world.

10 February 2023

LIME assists the Franco-Belgian group GALIMMO Real Estate in a new structured bank loan aiming at financing part of its CSR program investments.


25 November 2022

LIME participated in the Jobdays organised on 21 November 2022 by the Faculties of Law of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and of the Liège University (ULg) and on 23 November 2022 by the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL).

22 November 2022

Thérèse Loffet spoke at the conference organized by the Brussels Young Bar Association of 22 November 2022 on the liability of directors and managers of companies, associations and foundations to discuss the constitutive items, the scope and the prevention of the liability of directors and managers of enterprises.