Our aim is to give our clients clear-cut advice, value-creative knowledge and tailor-made assistance in structuring their activities, transactions, and reorganisations: in other words, we provide legal excellence and want to create a winning experience.

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Our expertise

  1. Corporate
  2. Emerging and High Growth Companies
  3. Corporate IT
  4. Corporate Real Estate / REITs
  5. Funds
  6. Governance and CSR
  7. State-owned enterprises

Latest thinking

Latest news

10 February 2023

IME assists the Franco-Belgian group GALIMMO Real Estate in a new structured bank loan aiming at financing part of its CSR program investments.

25 November 2022

LIME participated in the Jobdays organised on 21 November 2022 by the Faculties of Law of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and of the Liège University (ULg) and on 23 November 2022 by the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL).

22 November 2022

Thérèse Loffet spoke at the conference organized by the Brussels Young Bar Association of 22 November 2022 on the liability of directors and managers of companies, associations and foundations to discuss the constitutive items, the scope and the prevention of the liability of directors and managers of enterprises.