Our aim is to give our clients clear-cut advice, value-creative knowledge and tailor-made assistance in structuring their activities, transactions, and reorganisations: in other words, we provide legal excellence and want to create a winning experience.

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Our expertise

  1. Corporate
  2. Emerging and High Growth Companies
  3. Corporate IT
  4. Corporate Real Estate / REITs
  5. Funds
  6. Governance and CSR
  7. State-owned enterprises

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26 April 2024

LIME is once again hosting an exhibition organised by [Senne] until 5 May 2024, which is on the OFF circuit of Art Brussels | 25 - 28 April 2024 | Brussels Expo: Digital Portraiture: Empathy In Virtual Worlds (curator: WORK | bobbicknell-knight). The exhibition features artists exploring empathy within virtual worlds, using a variety of different techniques to seek out emotional moments within digital spaces.

19 March 2024

LIME assists Ush with the implementation and development of a partnership between Ush and Vay for the deployment of remote-controlled vehicles in Belgium.